General Policies & Conditions of Travel

Bookings / Refunds

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel with 24 hours notice from scheduled departure time, you will receive a 100% refund.
With less than 24 hours notice, no refund is available. Note if you have booked through an Agent
and not directly with us, you need to check with that Agent regarding their
cancellation policy.

What if I want to change the date of my tour?

As long as you give us 24 hours notice from scheduled departure time, you can change the date of
your tour to another available date. Note if you have booked through an Agent and not directly with
us, you should do this through your Agent as they may have different policies
/ charges.

What if I am running late or slept in?

No refund is payable if a passenger is not at the departure point at the nominated departure time to
participate in the tour. You are expected to be at the departure point 10 minutes prior to the
departure time for check in. Tours are not held and will normally depart on time. You will not be
offered a different tour. It will make no difference if you contact us to say you are running late. Our
office normally doesn’t open till 9am.

Can I change the name on the booking?

Bookings can be transferred by you to another person at no cost but we must be advised of the
name of replacement passenger.

Weather / Itineraries:

All tours will depart regardless of rain or other weather conditions unless we are aware of conditions
/ forecasts that would make it unwise to proceed with the tour for safety reasons. Full refunds are
given if tours are cancelled prior to departure. Tour duration may be reduced for the comfort of
guests in poor weather conditions.

Care and Responsibility:

Queensland Day Tours is a commercial tour operator who takes the care and responsibility of its passengers seriously. We carry public liability insurance and follow all applicable laws and regulations in our operations. However, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any
luggage, valuables or personal items carried on tours. QDT does not accept any responsibility for the
deterioration of the health of any passenger that results in any illness, injury or death.  In booking a
tour, you accept the policies as outlined here and accept that any activity always involves some risk
and that you will not hold this company, its employees or sub-contractors responsible for any injury
or loss that you should suffer to yourself or your possessions.

General Policies:

1. We reserve the right to change tour itineraries, inclusions, and suppliers / venues should the
need arise due to operational requirements or unforeseen circumstances.
2. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 5 years are not carried. Child
fares 5 to 12 years.

3. No luggage can be bought on day tours. On an overnight tour, only small “carry on” luggage
will be accepted. Large backpacks and suitcases will be refused at departure.
4. On very rare occasions, tours may be cancelled (severe weather, road or park closures,
insufficient numbers). Should this occur, you will be transferred to an alternative tour / date,
or if this is not suitable, you will receive a full refund.
5. Operating days are subject to seasonal and guest demand and tours may not operate on all
days indicated.
6. There is no smoking, drinking or eating on buses.
7. For the safety of other guests, persons considered to be intoxicated by either drugs or
alcohol will not be carried and may be excluded from the tour or not boarded. No
compensation or refunds will be paid.
8. If you are sick, particularly if you believe you have a contagious illness or are suffering Covid
/ Flu like symptoms, you are asked not to present for the tour. We will give you a full refund as long as you supply a medical certificate that states this

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