Privacy Policy

Queensland Day Tours  (QDT) respects your privacy. We do not rent or sell any of the details that you have provided to us either directly or through our agents. We do our utmost to protect your privacy and the security of any information we hold.

What is collected?

To make a booking with us we collect your name and local telephone contact which are used to create a passenger list for each tour. A mobile telephone number is necessary prior to departure to advise of changes, etc and to contact you on the morning of departure if necessary. Passenger lists are normally retained in our Office for up to 5 years.

In addition, prior to departure, on some tours you will sign a “Release and Disclaimer” form on which is recorded your name and signature. From time to time additional information such as: school/college attended in Australia (International students only), address in Australia, Nationality, contact telephone number and the name of a person to be contacted in an emergency may be collected. The signed “Release and Disclaimer” form is required for insurance purposes and the contact details are in case of some unforeseen or emergency situation. These forms are normally retained for up to five years. Information held by us may be provided to appropriate authorities in emergency situations.

Passengers undertaking snorkelling will be required to sign separate consent forms which are also retained by us for up to five years. No information is released to any external person or body.

On some tours you may also be asked to complete a feedback form to help us improve our tours and maintain the quality of the tours and guides. You may choose not to complete this form should you wish.

Is the information provided to anyone else?

On rare occasions we may need to provide contractors or a third party with your name for such things as accommodation and some activities we don’t provide ourselves but are part of the tour. In these cases, only your name and telephone numbers are provided. Some contractors may require you to complete their own forms, etc. and you should request details of their Privacy Policy in these circumstances.All information stored can only be accessed by our management and office staff on a “need to know” basis.

Photographs on tour

During a tour, guides may ask if they can take a photograph with you in it. Please advise him /her if you do not want your photograph taken. Photographs taken on tour may be used by us for promotional purposes either in a future brochure, on our website or on our Facebook page. You have our assurance that any photographs utilised will be done with the utmost discretion. You have the right to refuse to have your photograph taken and you should inform your guide of this.

Website / email addresses

GA is anti-spam. We do not collect any information from our website (apart from the aggregate number of visitors to the site which is un-identifiable) and we do not use cookies. Our site may have links to other Web sites and we encourage you to read the Privacy Policies of these linked sites.
If you send us an e-mail requesting information, your e-mail address will be retained for future contact with you but you will not be contacted for any marketing purposes unless you give us specific approval to do so. If you request to be put on a mailing list, you may ask to be removed from that list at any time simply by emailing us at

Credit Cards

Credit Card details are not stored on any data base and are only used for normal accounting and banking purposes. They are never disclosed to any other person apart from the commercial bank with which we maintain our bank accounts.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or should you wish to access the information that we hold on you, please contact the General Manager on (07) 3841 7781 or e-mail us at

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